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Posted on Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Please read our Stay Safe Policy following the re-opening of the housing market. 

The health and safety of our staff & our customers is paramount, so please read our Stay Safe Policy, to be adhered to during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 


  • To maintain a 2m distance from each other and customers.
  • Meetings will be held via Zoom or WhatsApp Video calls to reduce contact with each other. 
  • If you or any of your household have any symptoms associated with Covid-19 Coronavirus, you must stay home for the recommended time frame and must inform management immediately. 
  • Ensure your work station & laptop is regularly cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes or spray and is to be cleaned at the end of the working day. 
  • Keys are to be cleaned with antibacterial wipes or spray before handover and immediately after receiving any keys from others. You must then ensure your hands are immediately washed thoroughly using soap & water before going back to your work station. 
  • We must not chauffeur any clients or viewers to or from appointments. 
  • PPE (disposable gloves, masks, shoe covers and anti-bac hand gel) will be provided. 
  • PPE must be worn on all viewings and market appraisals. 
  • No open houses are to be booked & viewings restricted to 10 minute time slots.
  • Shoe covers should be worn on all appointments and provided to viewers too. Shoes must not be removed as an alternative. 
  • Do not shake hands, even if wearing gloves. 
  • Following an appointment, all PPE must be disposed of in a waste bag to be stored in the boot of your car & is not to be re-used. 
  • Use anti-bac hand gel before re-entering your car & once home, wash your hands with soap and water immediately. 
  • Should you start running low on PPE, management must be informed immediately in order to place a new order, please bear in mind delivery is approximated at 1 week from order. 
  • A copy of the Viewing Appointments - Viewers, Vendors & Landlords or Market Appraisals procedures must be provided to all people due to attend an appointment with a member of our team. 


VIEWING APPOINTMENTS - Viewers, Vendors & Landlords

  • In order to limit the amount of unnecessary contact, Prior to booking an in person appointment to view a property, it is required that you view the virtual 360° property tour and/or video walkthrough, along with the floor plan & photographs. Should you still be interested to view, you must also supply us with a copy of your mortgage agreement in princple, once this has all been verified, we will organise a date & time for your visit to suit all parties. Failure to confirm any of the above will result in no viewing appointment being booked. We can offer you mortgage assistance, should it be required. 
  • You will be required to confirm whether you have recently experienced or are currently experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 Coronavirus before an appointment is confirmed. 
  • On the day of the viewing, we will also confirm that you are still feeling well, have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms & that you have not received any contact from track & trace. Should we not be able to confirm this, your viewing may be put on hold until clarity is gained. 
  • Only 2 people from the same household will be granted access to a property per viewing slot. Children must not attend the viewing, where childcare is not possible, children must wait outside or in your car with an adult 1 whilst adult 2 views the property & then swap as an example. 
  • Viewings will be restricted to 10 minute time slots. Exceptions will be made for properties that are 150m2 or larger, in which case viewings will be restricted to 15 minutes. 
  • Vendors & Landlords will be required to step outside of the property during a viewing appointment, either into the garden, wait in the car or to go for a walk. If a homeowner does not wish to do any of the above, we will ask them to show around any prospective buyers, to reduce the number of people within the household. 
  • PPE can be provided (disposable gloves, masks, shoe covers and anti-bac hand gel) if you have not got your own. 
  • Viewers will be required to use anti-bac hand gel prior to viewing a property. 
  • Viewers must not touch any surfaces or opening doors or cupboards. Staff will get to the property early to ensure this is done for you where possible. 
  • Once you have finished looking around, a staff member will answer questions you have outside of the property (i.e in the rear or front gardens) 


MARKET APPRAISALS - Vendors & Landlords. 

  • Video valuations & advice meetings will still be offered depending on your preference. 
  • You will be required to confirm whether you have recently experienced, are currently experiencing or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 Coronavirus before an in-person appointment is confirmed.
  • An in-person appraisal & advice meeting will be conducted by our company director Aaron Kirk, PPE will be worn to ensure your safety and reduce any risk of infection. 
  • The presentation will be conducted using printed material, should you be happy to retain it, we can leave this with you. Alternatively, we can forward the same documents via email upon our return to the office depending on your preference. 
  • Should you have any concerns about booking an in-person appraisal, please do let us know what they are and we can look to tailor our presentation to alleviate any concerns you may have (i.e length of appointment)
  • We won’t be shaking hands, even with gloves on, Please don’t be offended.

Thank you for taking the time to read our updated* Stay Safe - Covid-19 Coronavirus Policy. 

Please do not be offended if we ask you more questions than other agents may be asking you, it is our duty of care to ensure that the safety of our staff and clients are paramount and comes before anything else.

*Updated on 5th January 2021.